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I have a small team of writers, but very effective and efficient in how they deliver informative guides in a conclusive way, through our hardworking and cohesive team of editors that I lead.

What’s Our Vision & Purpose

I’m guided by a vision to provide exhaustively researched, quality and uniquely written content to our audience. This is through giving factual reviews of services tried and giving insights and perspectives to those anticipating to use it, through a user’s position. These guides give guidelines on making various payments conveniently, issue tips on different services that customers may use and finally how they can contact the customer service in case they are faced with issues.

My site offer companies with advertisement opportunities within the relevant post so that they leverage on the visibility offered. The system I use, is tested and approved by all those that have tried it, since it gives an opportunity for those visiting, stakeholders and advertisers to benefit from this marketing tool and prosper in their business.

Values You’ll Findin the Editorial Team

I believe by giving high quality services and top notch written content that is centered on enriching those visiting the website and in the end,help them change their life through providing different options by which they can pay for services provided.

I believe that, its through user experience that one can offer a valuable review or share valuable information. So I take the task of using the service myselves before we can give any recommendations to those interested. This is in line with my principals of taking full responsibility of providing credible information to my web audience.

I believe in my gifted team force that has been assembled to form a credible editorial team that I lead. This team is tasked with providing high quality content that has enabled my website be termed as an authority in the field. To join my team, each member goes through a series of interviews before they’re trained on our standard in-house processes that I use in production of information.

How To Contact Us

My writers are tasked with organising and compiling information written for this website, which undergo thorough scrutiny before being published. I exclude works that seem like branding and only provide logos.

I the owner of billpaytips.com claim the copyrights of any published work on my website, so I’m strongly against any copyright infringement. At the same time, I welcome any queries concerning infringement of your branding policies so that to I can expedite the process of reviewing or dropping the copy.

Copyright and Trademark

bestpictureblog.com is an autonomous site with no association or interest with the merchants listed in this site and therefore all trademarks and products are in the sole ownership of the respective merchants.


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