20 Most Mysterious Peoples of the World

9. Sumerians

Must be one of the most mysterious peoples in the ancient world. We know nothing about their origin and nothing about the origin of their language. A big number of homonyms lets us suppose that it was a polytonic language (as a modern Chinese), it means that the meaning of what was said often depended on the tone.

The Sumerians were rather advanced – they became the first in the Near East to use a wheel, to create an irrigation system and their unique writing, besides, they were impressively good at maths and astronomy.

10. Etruscans

They came into history pretty suddenly just the way they disappeared. Archaeologists agree that they lived in the north-west of the Appenine peninsular and created a rather developed civilization there. They founded the first Italian cities and probably the Roman numerals are their merit too.
They could possibly resettle to the east and become the founders of the Slavic ethnos. Their language has much in common with Slavic ones. That’s what one of the versions say.



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